Powderhound Cat's Snowy Thanksgiving!

Powderhound Cat's Snowy Thanksgiving!

By Powderhound Cat \ November 28 2010

I have to tell y’all a secret. I’m a little mad at Powderhound Matt. Not like we’re gonna end up on Maury or anything, but still. He should have warned me, he’s done this before. Come to think of it, Ski Utah is on the list too. They should have recommended I get counseling this winter. 

I had NO IDEA what this was going to be like. I’ve skied most of these resorts, but living here I typically commit to one for a winter. For this past week to be Thanksgiving week, and for there to be this much powder, yeah, you’ve heard all the great stories about that.

img_3184 (img_3184)

(snowbasin 11/25/10)

But for me to start the week out at Solitude, then make it to Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, AND Wolf Creek on their respective opening days? In a week? This totally blows my mind! Utah is amazing! That many resorts? In that many days? People do this?!? Everyone was thrilled to be sharing the holiday in Utah with the amazing snow. Choruses of "Woo Hoo" rang out at every resort all week.

LCC (bcc)

(Driving to Solitude)

I have to tell you thanks again if you voted...or if you didn’t vote for anyone else- that didn’t hurt me either. ;)

I owe this to you.

But more importantly - hey! You’re a tourist! You don’t have to win a contest to be this unbelievably blessed. You just have to book a flight, and show up! That’s it!

Excuse all the exclamation points. And the repetitive nature of me telling you how great these resorts are. The new message is the same with a twist: these resorts are so easy to get to, I’m jealous of YOU! You get to fly out here and check the weather, then pick where you feel like skiing. All this is yours. How lucky are you? Just remember, you might need counseling. Aren’t you glad I let you know? Just prepare your friends, family, and neighbors. Or start a blog. You’re going to be ecstatic for a while. A trip out here will change how you feel about a ski trip.


me6 (me6)

At Wolf Creek 11/26/10

more (more)

Powder Mountain 11/26/10

me2 (me2)

Powder Mountain 11/26/10



* Let it snow *


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