Until Next Year!

Powderhound Cat

By Powderhound Cat \ April 11 2011 \ 0 Comments

What is harder than saying goodbye?

Fortunately for us, the season ended with a bang today at Deer Valley. This last storm dressed the resort in a fresh coat of powder for the last weekend of 2010-11. I had to head right out to Empire and Daly and take the day a little more seriously than I'd intended, the snow was too amazing to miss! Our skiing rocks in the spring, the powder was light and fluffy - not damp or thick at all!

I finally wore myself out getting first tracks in the trees, and went perusing the mountain for a little game of "I spy".

I saw a few bananas- costumes that is! I also saw a bumble bee, many evening gowns, many tutus... and even a boy with an iguana on his head! Did I miss anything? The celebration was full of style and funny fashion with locals and tourists alike showing off just how much they love Deer Valley. Whether you are a season pass holder ready to trade snow pants for bike shorts, or someone planning on many more days at other resorts, today was a great day to be on the slopes!

These girls were getting a group together to head up and enjoy the day. Nothing says style like a wig!

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