Holiday Hacks with the Kids

By Rad Dad and Fitness Expert Dec 16, 2019
Take the nerves away with what to do this Christmas break with the kids. If you're lucky, you will even rack up some “cool dad” points.
Holiday Hacks with the Kids

Christmas is coming which means our kids are out of school!!! Some of us may love it, and others are anxiously considering what to do with the extra time on our hands with the little ones. Personally, I love having them around since it’s more opportunities to have adventures and create memories! Let's take the nerves away by giving you some activity suggestions outside and away from electronics. If you're lucky you may even rack up some “cool dad” points, even if it takes some coercing to get them out there. 

Don’t give your kids the option. I do this all too often and instead of just taking them or surprising them I toss up the idea first. Inevitably I run into one wanting to go and the other not, a complaint, not wanting to drive… the list can go on. Take it from me, make it a surprise!! Now that we have that out of the way here are some fun options for the 2-week window!

Night Skiing at Brighton: 
The best part about this is that littles 10 and under are FREE!!! Plus, Brighton has some of the best night skiing terrain in the country and taking laps with the kids at night can be super fun. The resort is playful and adventurous, even with limited terrain open at night. Find bumps, drops, jumps, and small tree runs close to the lights that you can take your kids on and have some fun with it. A little follow the leader is always challenging especially if they are leading the way! Depending on the night they also offer a deal on pizza! What kid doesn’t’ like pizza?!

Sleigh Ride in Midway:
 If your kids are young enough they will get the vibe of heading to the North Pole to pay a visit to Santa. Which is always a treat for them. And if they are older, it's still cool to be outside at night. Quick hack for this one… stash some hot chocolate in a mug for the kids so when they start getting cold you can bring it out as a surprise. Bringing some extra hand warmers can be a veteran play as well. 

Tubing or Sledding: 
This can go two ways. You can go the tubing route which is a great option. Especially with Woodward Park City now open! Lots of potential here and if the kids get cold you can head inside for some activities. Soldier Hollow just outside of Park City also offers snow tubing.

Option 2 may require some more adventure but could pay off. I love finding sledding hills that are less common or tied into some of your summer mountain bike rides! Around Park City, there are a host of trails that can be accessed for snowshoeing and if you’re lucky you can do some sledding off of them too.

Ultimate dad hack is to bring the tow strap with you and attach it to the sled. Buckle up since you’re going to be the sherpa. 

Drag your kids through the trials so they can get access to the hills and have some fun! Exploring can be half the adventure let alone the sledding. Just be aware not to get into any avalanche situations and keep those kids safe by staying in the right terrain and areas. 

Nighttime Snowshoe:
 Find a trail you know well and get the kids on it at night. It’s a whole new perspective for them when it’s in the dark. Decking them out with a headlamp is always fun and makes them feel like a superhero. If you don’t have the gear you should be able to easily rent them from a local shop for a half-day, it’s well worth it and generally pretty affordable. The same trick as the sleigh ride; stash some hot chocolate or cider and something tasty like a candy cane for them to enjoy when they start bonking. If you have a camping stove you can even make some on the trail and build some fun snow chairs for the kids. For your sanity make sure you are in an area you know well and if you can choose a night with clear skies and a full moon it will be all the better.

Build a Snow Fort:
 If we get another good dump like this last one it will be prime time! Instead of shoveling all that snow off your deck let it sit for a bit. It's the perfect area for your kids to build an igloo or snow cave. If you have enough snow you can even get some chairs in there and make this a legit home base for the kids. Toss in a wireless speaker and let them jam out while having their lunch inside the snow hut and you will have the "cool spot" in the neighborhood.


Ski a New Resort:
 Even though there is a bit of stress with this as a parent it can be a ton of fun. Most of what creates this adventure is the new experiences you will share. Find a resort you rarely ski or haven’t ever, load up and head out. A bit of leg work ahead of time and knowing where to go is always helpful. Choose terrain that you are comfortable skiing but if there is any way you can get near the top of the mountain it always has its rewards. Having the view and a whole new perspective of the Wasatch is fun for everyone and a great change of pace. Last year we did this at Solitude on a good snow day, and the kids loved it once they got out on the mountain.

Regardless of what you choose over the winter break keep in mind that our kids are only young once. We can provide experiences for them that most only dream of even if there is some kicking and screaming along the way. The time we spend with them, the memories we make, the adventure we find, and the experiences we have are all irreplaceable. No better time of year than now to start doing a bit of research and surprising your kids and family with some fun adventures over their break. In most cases, it can be right out our back door. Take advantage of all that our awesome mountains offer.  We've compiled a list of holiday events around the area, which could be helpful for your holiday planning too!