Triple P @ Park City Mountain Resort

By Bob Winter \ January 25 2008

Parks, pipe, and powder. Three words starting with the letter P for which Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) is well know for. It’s been awhile since I’ve skied over at PCMR and my excitement only multiplied when I arrived a little after opening in the parking lot to find hardly anyone else present. How can this be I thought? Then it dawned on me- Sundance Film Festival. Probably one of the most popular times of the year to be in Park City, UT is obviously one of the least popular times to be skiing or snowboarding in Park City, UT. Fine by me. As I collected turn after turn, my satisfaction grew. During my full day of skiing rarely did I have a traveling companion on the myriad of quads and six-seaters which PCMR has to offer.

It had been a few days since the last storm, but I was still able to find secret stashes of powder. Secret is a very lose term here as I did not have to look too hard to find the powder. That secret stash of powder might just be off one of PCMR’s Signature Runs waiting to be found by you. If powder isn’t your thing and you’d rather head into the parks and pipes, PCMR is the best place in America for that. Park Rider @ PCMR With four different parks and one super pipe, feel free to display all the tricks that you have up your sleeve.park (park)

I learned my lesson. Next year I’ll be back at PCMR and just maybe it’ll be during the Sundance Film Festival.