PCMR’s Adventure Alleys Inspire Imagination

By Travel Tips and Deals Feb 19, 2015
A treasure hunt on the slopes? Find out where!
PCMR’s Adventure Alleys Inspire Imagination

Treasure maps, Snowbugs, and wide trails let you know you’ve found the perfect run for your little skier. But rumor has it that these runs aren’t just for little ones. “Who would have thought that a group of "older kids" would have so much fun on these Adventure Alleys, but we were loving it,” shared one PCMR blogger.

What the heck is a Snowbug you ask? First of all, you’ll know you found one when you begin randomly giggling like a child. But seriously, Snow bugs are whimsical metal sculptures created by local artist Fred Conlon. You’ll find a total of the 12 fun figures watching over Adventure Alleys.

A Snowbug treasure map guides the way to each of the alleys, you can download one HERE. Even more fun is that kids can win treasure! Simply follow the map to find Park City Mountain Resort's Adventure Alleys and key environmental locations on the mountain! To receive your treasure, snap a photo of you with your favorite Adventure Alley's Snowbug and share it with the Host at the Information Desk in the Legacy Lodge in the Resort Base Area.

Park City Mountain Resort is widely recognized as one of North America’s premier family resorts and its collection of four Adventure Alleys is a big reason why. PCMR’s Adventure Alleys; wide, groomed runs through the trees that are accessible to all ability levels; were first built for ski & snowboard school participants, but have become enormously popular with visiting families. Each Alley’s entrance is marked with a statue of one of the resort’s Snowbugs: fun metallic creatures that have become the ski & snowboard school’s unofficial mascot. Find the resort’s Adventure Alleys next time you’re on the mountain and discover a whole new side of the mountain!” explains PCMR in a recent statement.

If you’re looking for a fun ski day for the whole family, be sure to head over to PCMR for giggles and adventure! Send me photos of you with a Snowbug if you go!