A day at Sundance...a place of beauty!

A day at Sundance...a place of beauty!

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ January 3 2011

There are so many choices of ski resorts in Utah.  That is what is so special!  From the Park City resorts to Ogden Canyon to Southern Utah.  But, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful is Sundance. There is a reason Robert Redford picked this location.  I have to admit, I've not skiied here a lot. I'm also a big hiker and one of the greatest Utah hikes is Mt Timpanogas.  It is the face you see at Sundance when you are skiing.  Now sure, there are bigger resorts, but if you're looking for a relaxed day of skiing, great food and stunning views...head here.

Without thinking, I'm heading to Sundance on one of the few days without a big storm this winter.  Yes, we all love the snow, but when the sun returns and the trees are coated with snow and the skies are blue....everyone hits the slopes.

Emily and Brennan both have ski lessons lined up at 10 AM.  So, we get an early start from Salt Lake.  Going against the traffice and no weather issues...no worries.  Everyone else had the same idea.  It is a drive up a narrow, beautiful canyon and we arrive.  I have to drop skis off at the base and up we go to park.  You can catch a bus from the upper parking lot and get dropped off right at the front.  The kids love to take a bus.

We get checked in at ski school. Since my kids are 3 and 5, they are part of the Wild Bunch.  As mentioned before, at 3 kids need private lessons to really "get it".  Brennan meets Erica for his lesson.  He is feeling excited about skiing, so that is good.  Emily meets with Kevin and she is off to the lift to head up the mountain.  Now, what I really loved about our lessons at Sundance, they were two hours!  The kids both had private lessons.  For some 3 year olds, 1 hour is enough. But, Bren can handle it.... right?  Besides, now Mommy gets to take a couple runs! 

I takEm and Kevin (dscn2453)e the lift up with Emily and Kevin.  There is the best long green run (easiest) off mid-mountain Rays lift for kids.  It is wide and has enough of a grade, but not too steep.  Kevin takes Em to get a feel for her skiing and is impressed (yea)!  Em instruction (dscn2456)

He is going to work on her keeping her skiis more parellel which is I think our big task right now.  She is doing great, so I go check on Bren...

Bren tow rope (dscn2465)

Erica definitely drew the short stick today.  They went over to the tow rope and the beginner hill.  I can quickly see Bren's  not cooperating.  Have you ever tried to take a kid who is dead weight up the tow rope?  Well, Erica is doing it and she's getting him up and down.  But, as with the age...if they don't want to do it...they won't.  It's all in their head.  You have to make it fun!


I head to the top of the mountain because just the ride is amazing.  There is a great little restaurant at the top called Bearclaw. bearclaw (dscn2472) If you're not a skier, just this view is a reason for you to try.  It is amazing!  The view looks down one side to Utah Lake and the other to Deer Creek Reservoir.  All the while, you have Mt. Timpanogas right there!  I have time for a quick stop and then it's time to go get kids.

Bren is already done and having hot chocolate and coloring in the yurt.  Emily has another 1/2 hour to go.  Erica is optimistic and said Bren did ok.  But, he gets down the hill and falls over.  For all future instructors reading this....don't pick him up!!  I think he's doing it because he knows someone will get him. (clever guy!)  Emily comes in and Kevin said she's done great and we go over some things to work on.  It's nice to get many opinions when you do many lessons, especially private.

Now for the good stuff....food!  The rustic scenery of all of Sundance is so amazing.  The Tree Room is one of the greatest dining experiences in Utah.  Skiing or not, check it out!  We go to the Foundry Grill which also has great food and a great buffet!  The smell, the food, the scenery...  For the grownups...there is a cozy bar!  The Owl Bar.  Another place you must check out.

There is also other things about Sundance.  The lodging is so quaint and beautiful!  It is a very romantic getaway if you have a chance.  If you've got the kids, you can certainly arrange your trip around them.  There are many activities to keep them busy.  Being very eco-friendly, there is an Art Shack for kids to do crafts while you are away skiing.  If you are an overnight guest, there are babysitting services available.  You'll want to check all this out when you check-in.

So, after another successful day, we're headed home.  Happy, fun kids and Mommy too!

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