Em does an obstacle course, Bren does Sig 3 and talking daycare!

Em does an obstacle course, Bren does Sig 3 and talking daycare!

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ February 18 2011

em pigtails (dscn2661)For weeks now, I've talked about the weekly ski programs the kids are in at Park City Mountain Resort.  Emily continues to do so well in her Saturday Adventure and Bren did another Signature 3 class.  I'll give you a quick update with some cute video and then I want to talk a little about daycare since that is so important if you are an out of town visitor and have little guys.

So, I met up with Emily and her "Rainbow Eagles" class.  Every group has a name and a local lady makes them each a "mascot" to put on their helmet.  It is a big deal for them and it looks so cute.  Also, I did Em's hair in braids up under her goggles.  Come on, she needs to be like the big gals. Have you seen the adult gals race?  They all have their hair up...Em is officially "cool".  It is also so great to get the bonding experience with their other group members.  Note the cute pic of Emily and the only other gal in her group.  I was wondering why when I bought her a new jacket, she wasn't excited to wear it.  Hmmm, because her friend is also in brown and pink.  Dumb Mom, these things are a big deal!  If you have a chance to do weekly lessons, either are local or from somewhere else, I've done a blog on this subject.  All around, a great idea.  Since Em and crew worked hard in the AM before lunch, they had a little reward in the afternoon when I caught up with them.  They got a chance to do an obstacle course.  So cute!  Enjoy the video.

For Bren, he was in a Sig 3 class.  He skis once in the AM and once in the afternoon.  I caught up with him in the AM.  I requested Adam again since he did well with Brennan a couple weeks ago.  Always make note of an instructor you may like and feel free to ask for them when you book your classes again.  Adam was available, so I was able to check kids out.  Bren has improved so much!  Adam said by the end of the day, Bren did the "First time face".  Which is the steaper part of the First time chairlift terrain.  Yea!  Now, he needs to learn to stand up when he falls over and he's ready to be a Superstar!  This is our goal by the end of the season!  Stay tuned for that.

Now, for daycare.

Em rainbow (dscn2652)Many of you have kids that come to visit.  As a Mom, noone understands what it's like to wrangle your kids around unless you do have kids.  Equipment, boots, clothes, snacks, backpacks... you're a sweaty mess by the time you get everyone ready to go.

So, you need some links to daycare:

Alta:  Takes kids as young as 6 weeks old and you can take advantage of a pre-ski program which gets kids on the snow at 2!  Is right above the ticket counter, so easy to drop and pick up the kiddies.

Brighton:  Just opened the daycare this year.  We popped in for a look.  The great thing about Brighton is the ease of the dropoff.  It is located away from the resort base so you can drive up and drop the kids off at the door with their gear and then go to the resort by yourself.  They will shuttle your kids to lessons if you have those scheduled so you don't need to worry.  Kids as young as 6 weeks are welcome.

Beaver Mountain:  No daycare for the little guys, but plenty of classes for them.  I'm thinking the Snoopy Carnival on March 19th looks fun!

Brian Head:  Children as young as 6 weeks are welcome.  We'll be checking this out in a couple weeks, so we'll have a first hand look and will have lots of details!

em and olivia (dscn2660)The Canyons:  Children as young as 6 weeks are welcome.  There are so many different programs, you'll need to research the web site.  We're planning a visit soon and will fill you in on some of the different programs.  It's amazing how many options there are.

Deer Valley:  Amazing daycare facility for children as young as 8 weeks.  I've done a previous blog on this and enjoy the facility, food, and care the kids get.

Park City:  Park City doesn't have a "daycare".  They have the Sig 3 program that Brennan is in, but don't have a facility where you can drop your infants.  You may want to check in with the condo or hotel you're staying at to see if there are babysitting services available.  As I've mentioned, if you want your kids to really get skiing down, PC is the place.

Powder Mountain:  There isn't a daycare facility, but programs for kids starting at 3 1/2.  It is a big resort to take on Cat skiing in the backcountry!

Snowbasin:  Children as young as 6 months are welcome.  We tried this out last year and had a wonderful experience.  At the time, Bren wasn't big into daycare, but he did very well and had  a great time.

Snowbird:  Takes kids as young as 6 weeks.  Anything from skiing to swimming is offered. As well as evening babysitting.  A bonus for guests wanting to go out to dinner minus yelling and messing.

Solitude:  The Play Academy is a great place for the little guys.  Go to the web site for more info.  This is another place we haven't tried yet, but is on the list before the end of the season

Sundance:  Sundance doesn't have a designated daycare facility, but you can check in at the front desk in lodging to arrange for childcare in your room.  There are plenty of ski lessons for the kids, so check out the different programs.

As with anything, plan ahead.  Especially if you are going to be expecting a big ski day.  Book early for your childcare and do it online.  After all, they are your most precious cargo and you don't want to rush the check-in process.  If you come prepared with the proper forms filled out, your reservation already made, a change of clothes for the little guys, skis if they are taking a lesson...your day will be much smoother.  Also, make sure the cell phone is charged up in case the facility wants to reach you.  I can't speak for all the resorts, but for the ones I've used, they are more than accomodating to let you know when your child goes out for a lesson so you can go observe from afar.  Best not to be there and cause a big meltdown.  As with school, kids seem to respond better to teachers than parents.

When looking for rentals, go onto Ski n' See and get a 25% discount when you type in PREFER in the promo code.


If you've had any daycare experiences or have questions on other concerns in daycare, let me know!