Emily does her first green run and Brennan..isn't sure at Brighton

Emily does her first green run and Brennan..isn't sure at Brighton

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ February 3 2010

I've been waiting and the wait is over. Emily is doing the greens!!  My goal by the end of the season was for her to do some green runs with me and we're already there!! It was such a proud moment!!  We went up to Brighton because we decided to give Brennan another go at the skiing thing.  As in previous blogs, I mentioned we bonded with Gina as an instructor.  I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a good instructor and sticking with him/her.  Get a lesson, get their name and stick with the same person if possible.  Especially when they are young.  Brennan doesn't trust very many, so important for him.  I also thought the green runs are so nice at Brighton.  If you find runs you are comfortable with and know well, that is the best place to go when taking the little guys on your own.dscn0793 (dscn0793)

Brennan got to ski school and was ready to go ahead with Gina once again.  Emily was very excited to show Gina what she's learned in her lessons at Deer Valley the last few weeks.  Most of the resorts with have a cheaper lift ticket you can purchase for just the beginner runs which is a savings on a family if you know you or your kids are not going to ski the whole mountain, purchase the 1-2 lifts ticket and get your feet wet first on the mountain and then maybe the next day you can get a regular priced ticket.  You can also get discounted tickets at many places before you head up to the mountain including ski n' see.  It will save you a few dollars.

Emily and I headed up the beginner lift so she could show Gina how she was doing and also to see how Brennan would do.  Emily "didn't want any help, I can do it myself", so I helped her on the lift and off, but that was it.  It had also started to snow...so SCORE for me!  We get to the top and Brighton has a wonderful setup with Polar Bear wooden cutouts.  It is something for the kids to head toward while skiiing down the mountain...practicing turns, slowing...  Emily did this early in the season with Gina and they named the polar bears.  Miss "I remember everything" remembered this and when we were all off the chairlift, she made a point of calling out the names.  Also, "Gina, watch me".  Meanwhile, Gina is trying to control Brennan.  He doesn't really want to stand up, just wants to be held up by Gina.  A task with the 2 year olds.  Gina got clever toward the bottom and just stood him up and of course he can do it.  We all have that child who can convince us they need "help" when really they are capable of doing it themselves. This is why an instructor is good...you get frustrated, they don't. Thanks Gina!

After seeing Brennan sort of "do his thing", Gina said she felt Em was ready for the lift.  So, Majestic...here we come.  As we're skiing away from the beginner run I hear Brennan say he needs "a little rest".  Good luck!  Highest lift Emily has been on and she's looking down and getting a little scared.  Under Majestic is the 1/2 pipe and all the rails and snowboard fun.  I'm trying to explain we are not going down there, not even Mommy is doing that.  But, in a 4 year old mind, that's scary!  We get to the top, BEAUTIFUL snow falling...love the Utah powder.. and away we go.  Emily is confident! Not crazy daring, but  sure of herself. Awesome!  We go down this green slope and see maybe 2-3 people, snow is falling and Emily is doing great.  Great tree lined run, beautiful and great for our first run. I'm so proud, I could burst!

I get a text from Gina; they're back in the ski school room. Brennan is done.  That's ok.  Em and I arrive to Gina looking at books, drinking hot chocolate and Bren is happy as can be.  He did ok and as well at 2 as expected.  Now if he would just be more independent... Maybe next time.  Again, every experience he has is great. DON'T push, don't criticize, just encourage and make it fun and he'll want to come back.  Gina has been great at that and I think it is one of the reasons Emily is doing so well.

I've been asked what is the best age.  My answer...it depends on the child.  I would say 4.  Try at 2, try at 3 and be assured at 4 they are ready.  I think by the exposure at 2 and 3;  even for an hour here or there to put it in their head; but at 4 they are really ready to try and will remember from the years before.  If your child is more independent, they may do well and take off earlier, but I feel 4 has been a great age.  Emily was on skis at 2 and 3, but something clicked this year.

I have one question as you watch the videos of the kids.  My husband and I had a discussion as I was filming Em skiing ahead of me .  As a parent, do you go in front of them or behind? My husband thinks in front; I'm not sure

Next blog...let's talk what clothing is good/bad and what about snacks?