Learning to ski at 4...great experience from beginning to end

Learning to ski at 4...great experience from beginning to end

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ April 30 2010

It is now the end of April and winter is in full swing.  Snowbird has had over 30" in 2 days.  Yep, spring in the Rockies. 

We, however, have finished our season and what a great season it was.  Emily exceeded all my exceeded all my expections.  I thought maybe by the end of the season, she'd be able to ski green runs...but she was doing the blues and very well I may add!  A BIG THANK YOU to all the resorts for being so wonderful in assisting us in lessons and making sure we had a great experience...very much appreciated.

I've included 2 videos; one from Emilys first lesson at Brighton with Gina and one from her last group lesson at Brighton.   Amazing the confidence she's gained throughout the season.  From skiing Christmas Eve at Alta to Fridays at Deer Valley; from a trip to Snowbasin to dinner at The Canyons, it has been an great ride!  As far as Brennan is concerned...well, he just turned 3.  He gave it a try and did....OK, but just wasn't quite interested.  Watch out for next year, he'll be ready.  He's a tough little guy and when he is ready, I think he'll do great!

Advice and lessons I've learned:

If you can afford to do it, start with a private lesson once or twice with an instructor you really like. 

Get involved with consecutive weekly lessons with a group and the same instuctor once your child is ready.

My experience has been 4 years old seems to be the age when kids "get it".  Try earlier, even just once, and get them used to the skis, but don't expect much until they are 4 and want to ski.  Don't push them!  It they're having a bad day, try another day when they are rested and the weather is pleasant.  Feed them before you go so you don't get to the resort and they are starving.

Make sure you have the right equipment.  A big thank you to Ski n' See for their advice and getting us into the right equipment right out of the gate.  Make sure the boots fit correctly, you have the right socks...no cotton and get ones that don't slip down.  ALWAYS wear a helmet...no other option there.  Kids need goggles, in snow or sun.

I hope this blog has helped a few parents along the way and you've enjoyed watching our progress.  I know we have had a blast!!  Have a great summer, we've already started our move into hiking.  Yep, camelbacks are full of water and boots are laced up!img_1214 (img_1214)