Renting skis and getting the season started

Renting skis and getting the season started

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ December 8 2010

We've been on vacation...somewhere warm :)  Now, it's time to ski!  The kids are excited and it has been a quick and snowy start to the season, so we need to catch up. 


Emily is now 5 and after a great ski year last year, skiing the blues at the end, she's ready to go.  Brennan is 3 and after hearing about Emily skiing, I think he's ready to join in.  We head to Ski n' See for another season of rentals.  The easier you make it with kids, the better.  After all, they are hungry, tired, cranky... or in a good mood.  You want to hit the good mood as quick as possible.


There are 2 options with skis; season rentals or daily rentals.  Season rentals are normally done in the fall.  You rent for the whole season for a very decent price.  If the kids feet grow, head back to the shop and they'll swap out your skis/boots.  Also, you get free wax when you need it.  Definitely the way to go with kids!  After all, it's about saving money, isn't it?  To buy them skis each year when you can't even keep them in shoes is hard to do.  If you do daily rentals, I've got a deal for you!  Ski n' See will give you an extra 25% off your daily or extended daily rental at any of it's locations if you go onto the rental page and in the promo code, fill out PRIMARY for the month of December.  There are several different levels of skis to rent.  The price of the daily rental depends on what skis you want.  If you're like me, you don't really know the difference.  The demo skis are the newest and best technology of skis.  If you want to save some money, you can rent the sport package.  I'm on the PRIMARY skis this month, so that is why you are getting a deal on the rental.  Check back each month and whatever ski I'm on, you'll get a deal!  Also, plan ahead.  If you are planning on skiing the following day, you can go pick up your skis after 4 pm the day before.  It is best to go onto the rental page and fill everything out.  That way, when you get to the shop, your paperwork is filled out, you grab your skis and away you go.  You have them tucked into your car so you can get an early start the next day without standing in lines waiting for skis while the kids are starting to lose their patience (Moms and Dads too).  You just have to have your skis returned to the shop before they close that night for a one day rental.  If you plan on skiing several days in a row, do a multi-day rental.  Easier and cheaper in the long run.


OK, back to the kids.

So, we are on Rossignol skis this year.  The kids both have the rear entry boots.  Basically, best for the little guys.  There aren't all the buckles to clip like the grown up skis, which helps in the process.  After all, are boots really that comfortable? Try telling that to your 3 year old.  It's best to take the liners out and have them put them on to make sure they are getting the best fit.  When you go in to get equipment, make sure you know your kids shoe size, height and weight.  The length of ski totally goes by their height.  As for poles...Emily wants them this year. dscn2345 (dscn2345) The arm should form a right angle when holding the pole under the basket.  They don't need them at this age.  I've got some and we will check with the instructors as to when Emily is ready to use them.  Most instructors will tell you they are actually a crutch to the kids to use them.  They need to learn balance first without leaning on their poles.  More to come on poles.


As far as the rest of the outfit.  HELMETS are a must.  In fact, a lot of resorts if not all, require kids have them to even take a lesson.  SMART!! Don't take chances!!  Ski n' See will rent them if you don't want to buy one.  I even bought one for me last year and you know, they are warm!! You don't need a hat.  Also, bibs are good.  They are a pain to take off when someone needs to go to the bathroom, but if the kids fall in the snow, the snow doesn't go up their back.  I've gone with the Target brand for years, but this year we splurged and got a better brand.  Emily has bright pink (go figure) since she's now a skier :)


I'll get into more gear and deals next time, so check back.  I'm including some pictures of our ski boot fitting.  We were off to see Santa if you're wondering about the dress. 

Would love to hear comments, suggestions... throughout the year and things you need from me through the season as you get your little guys on the slopes.  After last year, I'm so excited to see what this season brings!dscn2342 (dscn2342)dscn2344 (dscn2344)