Ski extravaganza at Deer Valley

Ski extravaganza at Deer Valley

Mountain Mama

By Mountain Mama \ March 7 2010

After 6 Friday afternoon lessons at Deer Valley, we have arrived at the Ski Extravaganza.  It is the last day of lessons and the kids put on a little show for the parents to show them what they have learned during their time.  It is a beautiful day at Deer Valley and I've decided to take Brennan out to the moving carpet to see if he'll do a little skiing as well.  After lugging all our equipment in and getting Emily sorted out, me and Bren head out.  First off....way overdressed.  Ok, up the hill we go anyway to get to the beginner area.  I've done everything right...had snacks, water, change pants...what could really go wrong. guessed it....he doesn't want to go!  We go up once and he lays down on the ground and won't move.  He's sweating because I've overdressed him and he's done before we started.  Again, a lesson I've taught throughout my blog to everyone but myself, DON'T try to teach your 2 year old to ski.  Get an instructor.  At this age, if they don't want to do over!  So, we decide to lounge in the sun and wait for Emily's show to begin.dscn0869 (dscn0869)

The show is for all the Bambi and Reindeers.  Since Emily is 4, she's still a Bambi so she has had her lessons with Myles and one other little girl which has been nice.  I've blogged about the whole program in a previous entry, but it really is nice to have the 2 on 1 lesson at this age.  The kids get a lot of attention and can really learn almost one on one the correct techniques.  If you can't quite afford a private lesson, this is definitely the way to go.  Also, gaining the trust of the same instructor week after week, a good relationship is built.  The kids get to know the routine of the day and can concentrate on building their skills vs wondering what is happening next.

After me and Brennan have had our sit time, let the show begin.  I still have my ski boots on; so does Brennan.  We stop to say hi to Ruby and then off we go.dscn0872 (dscn0872)   After carrying Bren up the hill where all the parents are lining the ski run in the sun, I'm roasting and worn out.  Quite a sight, the 2 of us.  The music is playing over the loudspeakers and the announcer is letting us know what is happening.  Each instructor will ski down with his group as they announce their names.  Could this be the start of Emilys Olympic training? :)  Each instructor has a name for their group and have put balloons or some decoration on the kids helmets.  We watch as each group comes down and finally here comes Emily.  "Team Tiger" is what name Myles has given them.  Now, since Em is just 4, I haven't had many of those "heart swelling, eyes tearing moments"....this is one of them.  Em has come so far this year and I am so proud!  It doesn't matter than Brennan is pulling the rope down and laying on the ground 1/2 way on the comes Em!!  She skis down and at the bottom gets a "medal".  A gal puts a "medal" around her neck.  (It is a big cookie wrapped in tinfoil, better than a gold medal!)  I have included the whole video and it is so cute .dscn0875 (dscn0875)

A successful 6 weeks at Deer Valley and I would recommend it to anybody who has the time to bring the kids.  It is well worth it and definitely an experience I won't forget.  Thanks Myles...our Australian instructor at Deer Valley for the winter.  Deer Valley employs many seasonal workers from Chile, Australia and New Zealand.  A great global flare for the thousands of visitors every year.  It also is a great place in the summer to mountain bike and hike as well.  I would definitely check it out in the off season.  It is quiet with beautiful scenery and you may have the mountain to yourself