Winter at Westminster

Winter at Westminster

By Kendall \ April 4 2008

College should be about fun and in Utah fun is all about outdoors. For years it seemed the local universities didn't quite "get it" when it came to mixing outdoor adventure and studies, but more and more they realize how much of an attraction the mountains along the Wasatch Front really are to students and prospective students. So, they've stepped it up a notch.

One of the stand out programs among the local universities and colleges is the Winter at Westminster program from Westminster College. It's a unique alternative to the traditional study abroad program. In a nutshell it goes like this; you come to Utah for a semester, most if not all of your credits are transferable to your home university, you get a season pass with your tuition, the program has snowriding time built into it in addition to many winter outdoor experiences that you'd otherwise not have the chance to participate in were it not for the program. Bottom line - you snowride more than you ever have while going to school.

Winter at Westminster recently held a video contest for the students to show just how much fun they're having. Here's one of the standouts from the contest.

They've also got a student blog for the program which although it isn't updated all that frequently it's got some good posts highlighting some of the unique things they do like the recent hut trip. Check it out.