First Turns of the Year!  (Video)

First Turns of the Year! (Video)

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ November 3 2014

I’m not going to lie to you. They weren’t the steepest or deepest turns but they were powder turns, and those are the turns I like the most.  My initial plan this season was to  hold off on skiing until we had a solid base. A base in the neighborhood of about three feet.  But on Sunday morning, when those big fat flakes started falling from the sky,  I knew there was no way in hell I’d be able to control my urge and not ski. Sure enough, Monday morning arrived and Adam and I were up at Alta Ski Area making the best of the twelve inches that fell over the weekend.  To think, I almost let the day pass me by. As it turns out this is exactly what I was craving. Shocking right? It’s nice to see winter again.