Powderhound Matt's Opening Day at Solitude!

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ November 12 2010


So the Solitude opening day 2010-2011 season, how to describe it?  Well let's first define the word that is Solitude.
Solitude: The state or situation of being alone or an uninhabited place.  

Well that just sums it up, minus the fact that I was skiing with friends, you pretty much had the place to yourself. In addition to the awesome terrain, that is the real beauty behind this place. At 9:05 a.m. we got to the lift expecting to see line but there was none so we actually asked the lift operator, "Are we the first ones?"
He told us we were probably about 4th or 5th and that's just fine with me because it sure felt like we were the first one's skiing.  

Either way, the following is the equation for an awesome ski day.
You're not at work + great snow + sunny skies + no crowds + good friends + a great mountain all to yourself =  Solitude Mountain Resort
Where else would you want to be?

Before I go and get my gear packed up for the opening day at Snowbird tomorrow, I just took a peak at the latest Wasatch forecast for the weekend and it looks like we could get a few more inches Saturday night - Monday.  Let the powder days continue!