Sunrise Powder Session

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ March 31 2015 \ 0 Comments

Dawn Patrol. The act of getting up extremely early - sometimes before sunrise (i.e, "dawn") -to go surfing / skiing. This term is most often used by Surfers, but it still can be used outside of surfing and refers to getting a very early start to the day.

So there it is, the definition of Dawn Patrol.  To be honest it’s totally not my style.  Skiers and riders in the Wasatch love the idea of getting up in the middle of the night,  grabbing their backcountry gear, turning on their headlamps and getting after it.  Personally, I like waiting for first chair at the resorts.  The late hours at the restaurant just don’t sync up all that well with the Dawn Patrol style.   

That being said, last week a couple of friends of mine asked me to join them on their “Supreme Sunrise Mission”. The plan was to make it back to Rocky Point an area located just behind Alta Ski Area to watch the Sunrise and ski pow at first light. The mission was a great success! The last gasps of the three day storm literally subsided the moment the sun jumped above the ridge line. The wind went calm, the skies cleared and we were left with a foot of untracked pow at 7am.  From there things got real fun.  Check out the video and see for yourselves. 


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Matt Baydala, originally from Rockville Centre, New York, sniffed his way to Park City, Utah in 2006. Since then, he has built a career as the Owner of the Park City restaurant Yuki Yama Sushi. His passion and appreciation for the diversity of Utah’s wintersports product make him the perfect Powderhound. "For me skiing The Greatest Snow on Earth is not just a hobby; it’s an obsession," exclaimed Baydala. "Now I have the opportunity to share this awesome life we live out here with the entire skiing community."

Hero Shot Cred

Photographer: Matt Baydala
Location: Rocky Point