Utah 2012-2013 A Year in Rewind, so far...

Powderhound Matt

By Powderhound Matt \ March 14 2013

I’ve had a blast skiing Powder in Utah this season. I’ve heard some rumbles here and there, folks saying that it just hasn’t really snowed all that much.  So I’ve decided to name my annual end of season ski movie, "Winter 2012-2013 - The Best Worst Season Ever!"  That right there is the real beauty of living in Utah. We have so many resorts so close together that when your favorite resort gets passed over by the snowfall Gods, the one three miles down the road may have gotten hammered. Four resorts in Utah have already crossed the 300” mark for the season and the rest of them are closing in fast.  

If you still don’t believe me, and you still think it hasn’t snowed, then watch my season in rewind so far and tell me I’m lying...

Also in weather news, there is good news on the horizon, both PowderChasers.com and WasatchSnowForecast.com are both really excited about the potential pattern shift for next week.  For now that’s all I’m going to say about that, as I don’t want to be the guy who jinxes it but let’s just say I have a feeling I’ll be adding a few more powder clips to next year's ski movie real soon.