Alta's Got More Corn Than Jolly G

By Tim Roberts \ April 7 2007

Today we decided it was a good idea to ski Alta. On the first run we took the Hi T over to the Green Mat. Since we didn’t start until about noon, the snow was already nice and soft. It was so good we skipped easy out, and skied fall line down the sun-baked pitch to the Albion side. We hit it right at the perfect time as it turned to corn. Then we took the rope tow back to Collins and headed towards Thirds. The hike to Thirds now requires a dirt boot pack. However, once you get there the skiing is great! Smooth, cream corn. Then it was time to head over to Devils Castle. After a short traverse, we dropped in and ripped it. At the bottom of the first pitch we noticed a few new booters that had been built. Instead of hitting those we cut left to find some air in the Bat Cave. We aired in, and decided it was too much fun not to do again. When we came back for seconds, I saw a straight line with my name on it, that I hadn’t hit yet this year. Fast and fun! Then Broege decided that he wanted to go bigger this run. He lined up skiers left off the bigger part of the rock and dropped it like calculus! Then we got some good tree skiing in off the Supreme lift before hitting Baldy Shoulder and calling it. With little skier traffic and sunny weather, this spring is serving up cream corn like the Jolly Green Giant.