Deer Valley rhymes with Beer Tally

By Tim Roberts Apr 5, 2007

Last week while I was in California, I missed out on all the snow that hit Utah. However, I was stoked to see the skiing is still really good despite the warm temperatures at Deer Valley today. The bumps on Solace were super soft making them easy to zipper line or open it up. It was a little thin in spots, but everything that you wanted to avoid was easy to see. Daily Chutes are skiing awesome. Daily chutes are good to ski if you want to get away from the sloppier slush and want to ski more consistent snow. I also recommend doing only the traverse and not hiking. The hike is losing snow, forcing you to do a boot pack that doesn’t seem worth it. In the morning the groomers are skiing well. Then as they start to get slushy, the bowls start to soften up into some nice cream corn. With a variety of conditions throughout the day, you can ski your favorite runs in awesome conditions as long as you time it right. Start of with runs that get sun early. Then move on to those slopes that stayed shaded until later in the day. There are only a couple weeks left before most resorts close. This is the time to get all you can, before it’s gone!