Sick at Solitude

By Tim Roberts \ February 26 2007

Today Leam, Jared, Dave and I skied Solitude for the best day of the year so far. I kept hearing about all the snow Utah was getting while I was on the road. Then on the drive back it started to dump as we got close to Salt Lake. With it snowing that hard in the city, I knew it was puking in the mountains. Solitude got 22 inches of new snow on top of all the snow from earlier in the week. The next morning I woke up to see a blue sky. I couldn’t wait to get started. We loaded up Powderhorn and traversed skiers right from the top. Then we dropped in for the deepest turns of the year. With face shots on every turn, we had perma grins glued to our faces for the rest of the day. It was so sick that Webster doesn’t have a word to describe it. We were in heaven. At that point, we knew we needed to jump off some rocks. We traversed out the backcountry gate from the top of Summit chair to go hit a cliff that Leam had seen earlier in the year. The landing was a little flat but with so much snow it didn’t matter. I over-rotated and landed on my back from about forty feet and didn’t feel a thing. I just got up laughing, wanting to do it again. We took a few untred laps right off the Summit chair before patrol opened up Honeycomb. When Honeycomb opened it was so deep you had to stick to steeper lines and point it just to keep your speed up. Right now the skiing couldn’t be any better. It’s supposed to snow all week too which means it’s going to stay sick. I decided to skip the next event in Taos and stay in Utah to ski Pow this week. I would highly recommend blowing off any other activity to go ski right now. Skip school, call in sick, do what you got to do. Just make sure that you get out there and ski!

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