Solitude is open!

By Tim Roberts \ November 19 2007

Solitude opened on Friday and I went up with a couple of folks from work to make some turns. While the turns were far from epic, it was great to be out riding. And like I always say snowboarding is always better than not snowboarding. Solitude's snow making crew has really done an incredible job, when you think that it has been 50 degrees up there during the day. The coverage on the runs is great and no base damage occurred.

Opening Day at Solitude First Day at SolitudeJosh drops a knee at Solitude

So, while the riding isn't the greatest, the golf this weekend was fantastic. I managed to get away from the wife and the child for a few hours on Sunday and squeezed in 18 holes at Bonneville. Mid 60's in Salt Lake in early November is pretty nice regardless of the snowboarding situation.

The good news for all of you out there is that I'm going to be heading to Arizona for Thanksgiving and then I'll be in LA for a trade show the week after that. This is good because whenever I leave town this time of year it always dumps. Last time I went to L.A. for this show I think it snowed 4 feet while I was out of town. Pray for snow! I'll be praying for surf too, as I'm hoping to have a chance to paddle out at Huntington and catch a few while I'm near the ocean.