Staying Busy

By Tim Roberts \ October 1 2006

This summer I have been mountain biking, doing Egoscue work outs, and hitting the water ramps at the Utah Olympic Park to get myself ready for ski season. Although working out can be a drag, it is very important to be fit for winter. Here are some ways to make it more fun:

  1. Work out with friends. – It’s always better when someone else is suffering too.
  2. Play as many other sports as possible. – Making your body do things you’re not used to will help with your overall athletic ability. It’s more fun than just lifting.
  3. Mix up your routine and be creative. – Build a few simple obstacles in your back yard. Things to jump over and balance on. You can do these any time without going to the gym. For instructions one what to build email
  4. Music - Just as with skiing, don’t forget your iPod!
  5. Remember your protein. – You will recover faster and be less sore.
  6. Work out with the opposite sex. – Need I say more?
  7. Remember why you are doing it. – You always feel better when you’re done. Soon it will be ski season, and it will all be worth it.

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