The Best Lunch Options at Snowbird

By Tele Tony Feb 9, 2021
Skiing and snowboarding at The Bird is famously tough with steep terrain and deep snow. Stay fueled up with these dining options.
The Best Lunch Options at Snowbird

It’s hard work skiing and snowboarding at Utah’s most famous one-star resort. With notoriously steep terrain and famously deep snow, Snowbird can leave legs feeling pretty cooked. To keep energy levels high for another Tram lap or a hike out to North Baldy, you need to fuel up with some grub. Fortunately, the Bird has a ton of options to recharge with some delicious dining so you can get back out there and keep shredding. No matter what type of skier you are or what type of dining experience you’re after, Snowbird has you covered.  

Quick-Hitting Grab-and-Go

No dilly-dallying here. You don’t take a break unless it’s strategically designed to get you back on the hill for another run down Great Scott. These grab-and-go options are the perfect quick pit stop to keep you going for an epic day. An added bonus, some of these lunch spots are completely outdoor dining experiences, perfect for those looking to avoid indoor spaces.


Subie Shack

Housed in a custom-built trailer just steps away from Gadzoom Lift, the Subie Shack partnered with Subaru is a brand-new outdoor option to snag a quick bite when hunger hits. Grab-and-go often conjures images of soggy and stale bread, but not so at the Subie Shack, where spicy tuna or mango and shrimp poke bowls defy expectations for what a fast lunch at a ski resort can be. 


Tram Car Pizza

Tram Car Pizza is the perfect spot for a fast lunch before heading up for another lap. It's on Level 2 of the Snowbird Center, so you don’t have to stray far from the tram line for a hot slice of pie before diving back into some deep powder turns.

General Gritts

Gritts is another quick hit spot for lunch in the Snowbird Center between hot laps. This one-stop-shop has all types of snacks to fill your pockets with and a full deli counter with delicious sandwiches—the Reuben is a personal favorite. There's even a state liquor store in there. 


Mid-Gad Restaurant

A mid-mountain oasis located at the top of the Mid-Gad Chairlift or halfway down Gadzoom depending on your perspective, Mid-Gad restaurant has a new outdoor grill and indoor sit-down dining area for this winter season. Ski right up to feast on favorites like the Blue Bird Bacon, Smokehouse and Garlic Burgers before clicking in and dropping into the Get Serious Chutes on the way back to the lift.

Creekside Café & Grill

Creekside is Gad Valley’s hub and the ideal stop for a quick warm-up and a bite to stay energized. Grab-and-go options make it easy to swing in for a snack, and maybe a delightful made-to-order specialty coffee drink, which can be enjoyed either indoors or at outdoor seating on the patio.  



The Birdfeeder was doing grab-and-go long before it became trendy. Situated right on the Tram Deck, the Birdfeeder’s walk-up order window is the perfect place to grab a bite whether you’re after something substantial like a sauerkraut-adorned bratwurst or the Regulator Burger with chipotle mayo, pepper jack bacon and fried jalapeño, or something lighter like a giant pretzel with mustard.

Stay a Minute, Would Ya?

Of course you’re anxious to get back out for some glorious sun-filled laps in Mineral Basin, but there’s no reason to be hasty about lunch! Take a load off, give those legs a break and dig in with something delicious so you can hit the slopes reenergized and ready to send.


The Summit

Perched atop the Tram’s apex on Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet, The Summit has views of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains that are so good the food could be secondary. It definitely isn’t an afterthought though. The Grass-Fed Beef Chili is an elevated take on a ski-lodge standard, and the Daily Stew is routinely delicious—I had a Goulash up there once that was absolutely ridiculous. You can also pick up delectable rotisserie combos along with faster fare like wraps and salads to-go or pizza by the slice.

Mid-Gad Restaurant

Same location, totally different dining experience. In addition to the aforementioned outdoor grill, Mid-Gad has a comprehensive lunch menu in the indoor portion of the lodge. On top of the same selection of delicious burgers, you can choose from comfort food delicacies ranging from Buffalo Wings and Loaded Chili-Cheese Fries to a Philly Cheese Steak and a ½ rack of St. Louis Ribs. Reservations are not required but are recommended.

Enjoy the Finer Things in Life

Of course you’re at The Bird to shred and get rad on the mountain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life, too. Among Snowbird’s bevy of lunch options are numerous elevated dining experiences with fine cuisine in an unforgettable setting. For guests lodging at Snowbird—who don't need to make parking reservations—these also make for wonderful dinner options. 



With a retro vibe conjuring Snowbird’s earliest days in 1971, SeventyOne serves up a unique twist on American cuisine. The Northern Fried Chicken with pimento creamed corn, mashed potatoes and chili-infused honey is a comfort-food highlight that will fill you up after even the hardest charging day on the mountain. An enticing collection of small plates featuring options like Chilled Gulf Shrimp or Buffalo Cauliflower along with a menu featuring flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers and more ensure everyone will find something to suit their palate. With great views from vintage blue booths on Level 2 of The Cliff Lodge, SeventyOne isn’t one to miss.


The Forklift

Whether you’re dropping in for lunch or staying for après, grabbing a meal at the iconic Forklift is always a good idea. Sit on the patio for uninterrupted views of the adjacent Aerial Tram and dig in with some fine mountain fare. The Beef Banh Mi is a delicious take on the Vietnamese classic featuring garlic marinated beef, pickled carrots, cucumber and radish along with cilantro, jalapeño and a creamy sriracha vinaigrette on a toasted bun. Eating Banh Mi is great. Eating at the Forklift is great. It’s a fantastic combo that won’t disappoint.

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