2012-13 Winter Outlook

2012-13 Winter Outlook


By Yeti \ September 13 2012




This Yeti is certainly not in the business of predicting future weather patterns, nor am I an expert on orographic effect, but some meteorologists (see map above provided by AccuWeather.com meteorologist Meghan Evans) are predicting above normal snowfall in Utah and Colorado's Rockies. Remember, this Yeti's mission is to wander Utah's mountains from north to south in search of the deepest and lightest snow on the planet, I am a powder cheerleader and am here to get you amped, stoked, jacked, and ready for this upcoming winter in Utah. Before moving onward and upward, let's look back at last season.

Do you remember last winter in Utah? A winter where everyone complained about how little it snowed. To refresh your memory, some Utah resorts still received nearly 400 inches of snow and there were five large storms that looked something like this:

Sure, this video represents just one day last year at Powder Mountain, but let's be honest, there were just enough days like this last year to keep us all smiling. Hopefully you remember the good days from last year. Whether or not you are suffering from a snowless hangover from last season, the good news is that there is always this year, and I am confident in knowing that snow surfers are optimists, a resilient bunch who anticipate this upcoming winter with greater fervor than ever.

In truth, this is probably the most accurate weather model out there.




Ok, so how much snow will Utah receive this winter?

The simple answer is that I have no idea, however, you can sleep well at night knowing that many Utah resorts have averaged over 500 inches of The Greatest Snow on Earth® over the last 30 years. It is time to get #ReadyforWinter because the snow will be here soon. 

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