Resorts Tweak Seniors' Season Passes

By Yeti \ September 21 2016

What's the best deal for you? This year's senior deals include: lower age for seniors at some resorts, price freezes, reciprocal deals, merchant discounts, perks and the UTA ski bus.

At Alta the senior season pass for those 65-79 is $649 through Sept 28. If you're 80 or over, it's $50. 

If you're 65 or older and want the combo AltaSnowbird senior pass it's  $1,149 – one dollar more than last season -- through Sept. 28. In addition, Alta also offers the Mountain Collective pass good at resorts in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Beaver Mountain offers a senior season pass for $100. Buy it anytime.

Brian Head, Utah's southernmost resort, keeps the same senior season pass prices as last year. Seniors 62-69 can buy a season pass for $229. Those 70 and older pay $149. Prices are good through Sept. 14.

Brighton tweaked its senior age by dropping it down to 65. Those 65 and over get an unlimited pass for $500 through Sept. 27. Mid-week seniors pay $425.

The Brighton/Solitude interchangeable Big Cottonwood Pass also dropped its senior age to 65. Get the pass for $719 – the same price as last year. 

At Cherry Peak, the newest resort about 15 miles north of Logan, The season pass for those 70 and older is $149.

At Deer Valley, seniors 65-71 get a season pass for $1,115. Seniors 72 and older pay $1020. And seniors 65 and older who want to ski mid-week pay $1020. Prices are good through Oct. 31. 

Eagle Point near Beaver dropped its senior price from last year. Seniors 62-29 get a season pass for $249.Those 70 and older pay $199. Prices hold through Nov. 30.

Nordic Valley in Eden offers seniors 62-74 a season pass for $195. 

Park City, formerly  Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort, does not have a senior pass, but it offers the EPIC pass starting at $609 and includes access to a dozen other resorts. 

Powder Mountain offers season passes for those 62–74 for $540. If you're 75 or older it's just $20. And Powder Mountain now partners with seven out of state resorts.

Snowbasin, if you're 65-74 a season pass is $599. If you're 75 or older it's $89. Prices are good through Labor Day. In addition, Snowbasin partners with 15 other Powder Alliance resorts including Kiroro in Japan. 

Snowbird holds the same senior prices as last year. It has three options for seniors 65 and older. An unlimited season pass with chair and tram is $659. Those who want to ski only mid-week get a chair and tram pass for $549. And a mid-week chair-only pass is $449. Prices are good until Sept. 5. 

In addition, Snowbird also offers the Mountain Collective pass good at resorts in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Solitude also lowered its senior age to 65. A senior pass is $539 before Nov. 1.

At Sundance Resort a season pass is $150 for those 65 and older, and you can buy it anytime during the season.  

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