Fall Today, Winter Tomorrow

Fall Today, Winter Tomorrow


By Yeti \ October 5 2011


screen-shot-2011-10-04-at-4-55 (screen-shot-2011-10-04-at-4-55)

Do you consider yourself a "leafer?"  If so, leafers brace yourself for one of the most dramatic scenes a mountain landscape has to offer.  A landscape illuminating the stark contrast between fall's fresh colors and the first blanket of snow.  And yes, the snow is headed Utah's way.  For months, forecasters have touted the return of Deja Pow as a product of a second consecutive La Niná winter. Locally in Utah, this news was welcomed with high-fives as snow shredders wonder how many inches will fall this season after last year’s huge helping of 783 inches. After all the hype and anticipation, the first storm is here, only 90 days after (Shortcode Error: Could not find service named u'snowbird_ski_and_summer_resort' for tag [service]snowbird_ski_and_summer_resort[/service]) shut down the last lift this past July 4th. This storm is expected to deliver 12”+ above 8,000 feet. Click for full storm details.  The arrival of this storm signals the nearness of the ski season, a season that we have all dreamt of all summer long.

Check back soon to see a gallery of photos captured throughout this first storm.  A storm that indeed signals fall today and winter tomorrow.