Flip or Flop: Life Unbound

Flip or Flop: Life Unbound


By Yeti \ September 17 2013

Our friends over at Life Unbound continue to catch awesome winter footage. As our leaves start to change here in Utah we hope this video helps you to get revved up for another amazing winter of The Greatest Snow On Earth.

Flip or Flop: Life Unbound EP4 from The Life Unbound on Vimeo.

As winter 2012-13 turned to spring, the longer days and warmer temps shrunk our minimal snow pack. Determined to chase the snow to the edges of our home state, we fled south to the Tushar mountains where tales of 18 inches of fresh snow beckoned. Despite our optimism, the howling winds and late spring sun beat us to the slopes. The wind swept and now avalanche prone slopes, kept us at bay as we retreated back north wondering if the season was at its end.

But as happens so often in Utah, old man Winter reared once again. We took to the slopes in our back yard and found face shots and deep turns. It reminded us why we chase the clouds and climb to the highest peak.