Ogden Local Skis on His 100th Birthday at Snowbasin


By Yeti \ January 16 2010

Dr. Vernal Johnson, a resident of Ogden, Utah, celebrated his 100th birthday enjoying one his all-time favorite pass times - skiing. For 88 years Dr. Johnson has skied the mountains of Snowbasin. "We would drive up an old dirt road to get here," said Dr. Johnson. "We took and old chassis, tied a rope around an old tree on School Hill, put it in reverse, and made a rope tow to pull us up the hill," he said. When asked what he thought of the resort today, he smiled and said that it had changed a bit, but that it was wonderful. Mr. Earl Holding, owner of Snowbasin, extended a congratulatory handshake to Dr. Johnson. In contrast to the make-shift tow rope, Snowbasin now has one of the most advanced lift systems in the west.

What will you do when you turn 100?