PowderTwins Ski Brighton

PowderTwins Ski Brighton


By Yeti \ November 28 2011

We are the PowderTwins –twins who are using our 5th Grade Passports to ski all of Utah’s 14 resorts in a single season and blogging about it.  We just skied Brighton for the first time this year and wanted to tell you about it.

Hi, this is Anna.  We first learned to ski at Brighton so it is a special resort to us.  They have a great ski school where you join the same class and teacher every week for 5 weeks.  We did this program a couple of times and had a blast.  Click here to find out more about this.  The best part about the program is they set up a ski race at the end where you can race though gates like they do in the Olympics – I loved doing that.  

My favorite runs are in powder.  While it is still early in the ski season, the night before we went to Brighton they received over a foot of new snow.  We found some good powdery runs, but tree runs were tough because all the rocks and roots are not covered yet.  But we got to ski before Thanksgiving so I am not complaining.  

img_0415 (img_0415)

One of the funny things about Brighton is the “bead and underwear “ tree.  The name pretty much explains it, and I’ve included a photo below so you can see it.  I just think it’s funny and it gives me a laugh every time I ride up the Crest Express lift.  

img_0404 (img_0404)
And hi, this is Jacob.  One of my favorite runs at Brighton is Pioneer.  It starts out as a blue run where you can really go fast, and then it becomes a black run with moguls and jumps.  We’ve posted a 1 minute video below where you can see some of Pioneer.  
What was really fun during this visit to Brighton was racing my dad down to the Snake Creek lift.  I can beat him in the steep parts but he catches me in the flat parts.  I think that is because he’s bigger and weighs more than me.

Another fun part of Brighton is the terrain park.  It has all sorts of ramps and rails.  Last year I went off my first big rail and totally wiped out.  I want to get better in the terrain park this year.  

Finally, I want to tell you about eating at Brighton.  I love their cheeseburgers, especially when it is warm enough to eat them on their outdoor deck.  They also always have yummy treats like homemade Rice Crispy Treats and brownies.  

We really like Brighton and think it is a great resort for kids.  There is a lot of interesting runs to choose from – we can have fun skiing here with our dad, our friends, and even our 5 year old brother.  The terrain park, half pipe and fun jumps are cool, and there are a lot of other kids to ski with.