Smith goggles worth the hike . . . even in the heat of summer

Smith goggles worth the hike . . . even in the heat of summer


By Yeti \ June 30 2010

It is very difficult to retrace your winter footsteps in the summer.  With that said, I was determined to find my beloved Smith goggles and Dakine beanie lost in a yard sale, ski crash this past February.  My friends were quick to tell me that I would never find the lost pieces.  They reminded me that since the crash, four months had passed while 300 inches of snow had fallen and since melted. 

Against all odds, I walked uphill, trying to retrace the events that took place four months earlier.  I skirted by a red fox and a buck, climbed over rock after rock until I felt that I was in the “right” spot.  I scanned the slopes near Alta, and suddenly my eye was caught by a white, Dakine beanie lying on the ground.  Triumph, I really couldn’t believe that I had navigated the summer slopes to find my winter gear.  However, my goggles were not with the beanie.  I knew the goggles couldn’t be far away, so I combed the area for 10 more minutes.  Sure enough, a shiny object down in the bushes drew my attention.  Scrambling downhill quickly, I was reunited with all of the items that I “yard saled” four months before.     

goggles1 (goggles1)goggles2 (goggles2)

You gotta love our winter past time, because even in the middle of summer, my attachment to goggles and a beanie sent me on an adventure and allowed me to relive a few turns from this past winter in Utah.

Please share your ridiculous tales of finding lost gear.