Snow Rituals = Snowy Forecasts (Snow is on the way...)

By Yeti \ January 18 2010

This weekend, I washed my car. My friend Tim started to remodel his house and my dad's knee began to creak. My friend Olivia burned a pair of skis and her boyfriend poured out an entire case of beer. Why, you ask? All of these rituals are signals, signs and prayers for sweet, deep and soft powder snow. Ski Utah wants to know what your snow ritual is? The best snow rituals posted on the blog will be awarded a cool Ski Utah T-shirt.

Snowy Forecast 2 (mlk-snow-week1)

Looking at the forecast, it appears that a full week of snow is on its way to Utah ski and snow resorts. Let's keep our snow dances up people! It appears they are working.