Spring Park Round-Up


By Yeti \ March 31 2015 \ 0 Comments

It doesn't get any better than spring time in the park. Here are our favorite three park edits from around the state. 

The past few seasons have seen a whole new direction for the Brian Head Terrain Park, and we like where they're headed. It appears the Good Enough crew did too, as they put on a clinic in the Training Grounds rail line! 


The Brighton Scouts, a roving crew of boarders who leave no cliff undropped & no downed tree unridden. See how they tear up a classic zone in Episode 4: Mary Chutes.


The team at I Ride Park City is to skiing what Kentucky has been to basketball this season, STACKED. Here's a mid-season edit, featuring night laps by the Olympian; Joss Christensen, and a handful of skiers well equipped with an arsenal of tricks!