The Ski Utah Experience - 360 Video

The Ski Utah Experience - 360 Video


By Yeti \ October 18 2016

Take a look around Utah with your computer or smart phone with this 360 degree video shot at resorts all around Utah. Using the latest in 360 degree video technology we captured this video so you can visit Utah whenever you like.

To experience Utah on your computer, just play the video and use your mouse to click and drag for fresh perspectives. On your smart phone, open the video with the Youtube app and then move your phone up and down to view a magic window into Utah's winter world. 

This video was created using a 6 GoPro cameras mounted in a cube. The cameras were all triggered simultaneously and then the six video files were stitched together using software to create a sphere. When viewed with your phone, Youtube and Facebook use the accelerometer in your phone to determine it's orientation and coordinates that with the video file.  

The result is a whole new way to experience Utah, no matter where you are.  Look for more of these videos coming this winter. In this immersive experience you have the chance to visit: Alta, Brighton, Deer Valley Resort, Park City Mountain, Solitude, Snowbasin and Sundance