There’s still plenty of time to yell at the Little League umpire

There’s still plenty of time to yell at the Little League umpire


By Yeti \ April 24 2012

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Alta and Snowbird are still open for spring shredding! With 90 and 85 inch bases respectively, the skiing is nothing short of spectacular for this time of year. Warm temps and bluebird skies for this weekend and beyond should attract a festive group of snow lovers who can lay down a few more soft turns all while rounding out the google tan.  Across the country, summer appears to be knocking down spring’s door a little early. Soon enough you’ll be standing on the first tee in your plaid shorts, trying to impress the neighbors with your newest grill or yelling at the Little League umpire.

So get out and make good on the last days of spring skiing.  Park Rat Tom has the spring shred bug and promises tons of good times with Spring's Top 5 list.  Alta is open this Friday through Sunday while neighboring Snowbird will remain open into May and still hasn’t announced a closing day.  Trust me, you won’t regret another day of spring skiing, especially when your son’s little league umpire starts testing your patience in the heat of the summer.

And of course I was only joking that you would yell at the Little League umpire, would you?