Tim's Video Tips

Tim's Video Tips


By Yeti \ November 15 2013

My name is Tim Roberts and I am the Ski Utah Video Producer.  With this blog I’ll be giving insights into what goes into making Ski Utah videos, reviews on gear, and advice on how you can make your best videos while out on the hill. Over the years, I’ve done over 140 videos for Ski Utah and along the way I’ve learned a lot. I hope to help pass along to you so you can capture your best days in the best way possible.   First a little about me.


I’ve worked freelance with a camera for the last 20 years. I found it easier to earn a consistent living working on the web; building websites, writing for websites, and digital marketing.  This is how I got my start with Ski Utah 10 years ago, building SkiUtah.com. Along the way as bandwidth grew and computers became faster I realized that the internet was becoming television. I uploaded my first shred video to Youtube in 2007.  This is what it looked like :



Like I said I’ve learned a lot since then. Also, some technological advances took place as well which allowed video quality to improve by leaps and bounds. Chiefly the rise of the DSLR as a video tool.  When Canon released the 5D Mark II with HD video capabilities it changed the game. Finally you could affordably shoot video with a real lense that provided real depth of field.  Previously I had been shooting with HandiCam type camcorders and the finished product was always a little disappointing. With a digital SLR I could now make videos that looked great and I was hooked.

So, here’s my first tip to anyone aspiring to make a better shred edit. Use a tripod for most shots. Yes it sucks skiing with a tripod and I think that’s why more photographers don’t do video. But, unwanted camera movement can really take a viewer out of the moment. A steady shot, allows your viewer to keep their attention on the action and not feel like they are watching the Blair Witch Project.  So, that may not be what you want to hear, but, going the extra mile to get a good shot is what will take your video to the next level. Along the way I’ll be sharing some techniques for getting stable shots, without dragging the 3 legged beast with you. Stay tuned.

Please feel free to ask any questions you like and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope this blog will not only help the amateur shooters out there, but, also help me become better at my craft.  Take a look at my Best of Reel from this season as we kick off this season.