Utah's Snowmelt is Summer's Lifeblood

Utah's Snowmelt is Summer's Lifeblood


By Yeti \ June 29 2016

Recently we caught up with hydrologist Beau Uriona at Brighton's snow station. You're probably wondering why we would care to visit a snow station, officially known as a SNOTEL station, this time of year? The answer is simple. The Greatest Snow on Earth that we play in all winter, in turn, becomes summer's lifeblood. 

Across Utah, there are over 200 SNOTEL stations that report snowpack data so that hydrologists can forecast stream flows and predict the future of the West's most valuable resource—water! The data that is reported can also be used to help recreationists decide where to ski and where to float. Beau Uriona breaks down how it all works.

Go to http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/snow/ for the latest data.