Which Utah Resort will open first?

Which Utah Resort will open first?


By Yeti \ November 9 2011

Race to 2011-12 Opening (race_skiing_142593_tns)The race to be the first Utah resort open has officially started. Brighton and Solitude will both open their lifts for the 2011-12 season this Thursday, November 10. There are rumors that one resort may open their lifts at 8:59 a.m., one tiny minute before the other at 9 a.m., to claim the coveted “First Utah Resort to Open” title, but either way, Big Cottonwood Canyon and skiers everywhere will finally be able to celebrate the start of yet another incredible Utah winter. The goods are only getting better my friends and more Utah resorts are soon to follow. A complete list of resort opening dates is located on the SkiUtah.com front page.

Which resort will you ski or board first?