Die Living: Groundbreaking Filmmaker Warren Miller Passes Away at Age 93

By Travel Tips and Deals Jan 25, 2018
Warren Miller didn't just produce adrenaline spiking films, he inspired people to live with passion, and forever changed the sport of skiing.
Die Living: Groundbreaking Filmmaker Warren Miller Passes Away at Age 93

 “Adventure is the invitation for common people to become uncommon.” Warren Miller

“The way Warren Miller looked at skiing, and how he shared that with the world, has forever changed the way we all view the sport,” my husband replied when I broke the news to him that Warren Miller had passed away. 

Holding our coffee mugs a little too tightly, we felt rising sadness, grieving both the loss of a legend and the end of an era. But our mood shifted to awe as we realized that Miller’s passion, inclusiveness, humor, and unfettered joy for the sport lives on in all of us.

Warren Miller entertained and inspired riders and skiers of all ages and abilities to experience the rush, flow, and even an occasional yard sale, inherent to snow sports. He produced over 500 films, most opening with heart-pounding skiing and riding sequences in snorkel-deep powder or seemingly impossible chutes, all narrated by his trademark voice.

“Although all of his films premiered on the big screen, he really transcended the sport and brought skiing into the living rooms of all of America,” shared Brandon Ott, Ski Utah’s Content Director, aka, chief storyteller.

But Miller didn’t neglect the reality that many of us provide more humor than inspiration on the slopes. He also showed the cringe-worthy face-plants complete with skis, poles, and pride tossed well out of reach, all with a healthy dose of humor. These are the scenes I identify with most…while aspiring to the more glamorous runs. 

"Warren loved nothing more than sharing his life's adventures and hearing literally every day from friends old and new about how his stories inspired others to enrich and enjoy their own lives," said Laurie, Miller's wife, in a statement on the filmmaker's website.

His stories inspired others to enrich and enjoy their own lives

While best known for his annual feature productions and other adventure films, Miller also wrote 11 books and roughly 1,200 columns mostly focused on skiing, surfing, sailing, and other outdoor pursuits. Miller produced many films shot in Utah, with the most recent film, being 2015's Flow State

Born on a kitchen table and raised in an imperfect home (actually it was completely dysfunctional until his grandparents took them in), Miller showed by example that no matter where you begin, greatness is within reach of everyone, not just the privileged. He believed a life of adventure and freedom was within reach of the average person and used his talent for sharing to inspire us all to get outside and live outside the box.

Looking back, I’m not only grateful for the adrenaline filled entertainment Miller provided, but also the inspiration to push my limits. Believe me, this middle-aged Florida gal needed some inspiration when I learned to ski at 43 years old, fell in love with the sport, and loaded up my car and drove to Utah for good.  

Thank you.

Warren A. Miller, passed away January 24, 2018, at his home on Orcas Island, WA. He was 93 years old. In his book, “Freedom Found: My Life Story,” he issued a challenge…

“Die living.”

Rest in peace and may all your lines be forever untracked powder.