Emily shares her advice and memories of learning to ski

By Mountain Mama Feb 1, 2017
When you are 3 years old and put in skis for the first time, you really don't remember much. My Mum helped me with some of the memories of my first ski experiences. The best advice I can give is to take lessons. January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month which is the perfect time.
Emily shares her advice and memories of learning to ski

Hi, I am Emily, and I am very proud to be called an ambassador of the 5th grade passport program. 

I've been part of my Mum's blog for many years, now it's my turn! As a 5th grader, I get a chance to use the 5th grade Passport and explore all of Utah's resorts!

We all have to start somewhere. For instance, I started at the gorgeous resort of Alta. I did not want to put on my ski boots for they were uncomfortable and I loved my comfy snow boots. We all do not like the boots, but you will learn to get used to them. I started out in a private lesson for some one-on-one time with the instructor which really is the best option so I was not distracted by other kids or smashed. She pulled me around and up the magic carpet.

As I progressed I went to Snowbird and was able to go with other kids, now that I knew how to stay on my feet and not fall. I learned how to turn not just straight-line.(go straight all the way down)

 After that, I went to Park City, where the learning really happened.. I did a ten-week camp on Saturdays.

 There, I ran my first ski race course and the dreams of a Winter Olympics popped into my mind. 

When I could do super well, I went to the Brighton Ski Team (BST). I was on the BST for 3 seasons and then I went to the Snowbird Ski Team where I am now for my second season.  

Now, I am up there all the time, and loving every minute. My friends ask, “Do you ever get to relax?” And I always answer, “Skiing is relaxing and freedom from the worries of life. I need no more relaxing.”

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. With the some of the resorts fifth and sixth graders, have a buddy pass so they can bring a friend. This month is the perfect time to get your friends up to the mountains and into some lessons!

 You can also bring your siblings along with the Buddy Pass.

Some resorts with the passport may get great deals on daily and season rentals for skis and boards, as well as helmets, boots, etc. Be sure to always wear a helmet.

All fourteen resorts in Utah offer private and group lessons for all ages. My mum recently did a blog about the importance of lessons. You can not accomplish anything with out setting a goal. You can set short term goals that you want to accomplish that week, or long term goals that you accomplish in that season or the next ten years. Every successful person started with a goal.
So if your goal is to learn to ski or snowboard, go for it! You need a little patience and the determination to try. It is worth it and once you learn, you will be able to participate in this sport for your whole life.
If you have any questions for me on my learn to ski journey send me a message on my mums blog!