How To: Ski in Cold Weather

By Powderhound Cat Jan 9, 2013
Powderhound Cat took a hike out at Snowbasin, and realized it's a great way to warm up on a cold day!
How To: Ski in Cold Weather

Snowbasin was amazing this week. Bright clear days, and cold cold temperatures are keeping our Utah snow in incredible condition. But it’s cold. And I am a wuss. Even if you are super tough, you might not love just how chilly it can get. Hard to buckle your boots cold. Runny nose/ keeps dripping/ too cold to wipe it cold.

Fortunately I learned a few tricks. I’ve only been out to Snowbasin a few times in the early season each year, so to get out there this week was a real treat. The Jean Paul lift was open, and for those unfamiliar with the mountain it serves more vertical than you'll know what to do with. I continually found myself in awe as the chair crested ridgeline after ridgeline, the options down seemingly endless. Should you find yourself a little on the chilly side take a long lap off the top down Snowbasin's famed steeps. The Olympic downhill was held here for a reason. Even the best of skiers will end up panting and ready for a breather.

From there, do some fast laps on the gondola. Hopefully you’ve got your mittens with handwarmers, and you can sit on them while you enjoy the ride to warm up. Serious Pro Tip right there.

Next, take a hike. The Porcupine lift takes you to Porky’s Cirque. Did you miss that midweek powder day because you were stuck in an office? A quick (as long as you are faster than me at hiking) hike up the bootpack immediately rewards you with waist deep Utah powder with options down ranging from chutes for the hard-charging to a mellow bowl for those just looking for some deep, easy turns. Hiking gets that blood pumping. You'll be unzipping your coat and enjoying the cool air. Suddenly frigid is the new refreshing.

Don’t miss runs off Strawberry Express either. Similiar to the John Paul lift, Snowbasin takes you up and you get to decide the way you head down - skiing in a big wide bowl of options. That’ll warm you up!

To rest up or end your day, any lodge on the mountain is full of warmth. I love ending up at Earl’s and running down to - yes, seriously, the fanciest bathrooms in the ski world. You can freshen right up and then suddenly, you’re not cold anymore. Having accomplished all or even some of the above will have you ready for that apres cocktail- and you certainly will have earned it.

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat