PowderTwins, Deer Valley…and 5th Grade Passports

By Yeti Feb 13, 2012
We are the PowderTwins and are using our 5th Grade Passes to ski all 14 resorts in Utah this season. Ever wonder what kids think of Deer Valley? Yep, it’s awesome.
PowderTwins, Deer Valley…and 5th Grade Passports

Hi everyone, this is Anna.  Deer Valley has been rated the #1 resort in North America by SKI Magazine for five years, so I was really excited to visit it for the first time.  Even better, while we were there they were hosting a Freestyle World Cup competition so we got to see the best aerial and mogul skiers in the world.  

Skiing at Deer Valley really makes you feel like you are on a vacation.  When we pulled up to the resort they had people waiting there to take our skis, so we could park without having to carry our gear to the lifts.  That was really cool – I know my dad liked that part a lot since he says he feels like a camel sometimes.  The resort is very nice (even the bathrooms are fancy) and they have free glove dryers in the locker room (great for kids like me that want warm gloves after lunch).  But the best part of the lodges is definitely the food.  I had the turkey chili and it is THE BEST, and if you go there you must try it.  

One night after skiing we went to Fireside Dining in the Empire Canyon Lodge.  They cook all the food in front of five fireplaces, and each fireplace has a different course.  The meal starts with Swiss raclette cheese that melts onto a plate right in front of the fire.  I thought it tasted interesting, and my parents said that is how really good cheese is supposed to taste.  We also ate lamb, which is something a kid does not get every day, and then as much chocolate fondue with fresh fruit as we wanted.  It was a really fun experience, and to top it off we went on a horse drawn sleigh ride around the restaurant (and it’s OK to pet the horses “Chub” and “Grub,” and they can make the sleigh do donuts in the snow).  

Hi, this is Jacob.  Anna told you about the fancy parts of Deer Valley but I want to tell you about the best part – the skiing!  The resort is really big and we wanted to ski it all.  Some friends told us to start the day on the Sultan Express lift.  This area gets the first sun in the morning, and if you get up early you get to ski the fresh groomed runs before anyone else.  My favorite runs here were Tycoon and Edgars Alley.  Edgars Alley has a good mogul area about halfway down that is the perfect steepness for kids.  

While you are in the Bald Mountain area of Deer Valley, make sure you try the race course off the Nabob run.  It’s a real race course, and while we were there they had actual Olympians racing it.  Anyone can do the race course – you just pay a couple of bucks (or get your dad too like I did) and you get to go through a starting block, ski around the gates, and you get an official time at the end.  I could have skied just in this area all day.   

There are some many other great parts for a kid to ski – you can find the secret Ontario Bowl, follow kid trails through the trees that the resort has marked (by Bandana and Lucky Jack), and do the jumps by the snow machines.  And if you are lucky enough to be here during the Freestyle World Cup, you can see the best skiers in the world do amazing jumps and flips.

We’ve now skied half the resorts in Utah this season, and it has been an awesome experience.  If you are a 5th or 6th grader, you should definitely get the Passport.  They are only $35 and you get to ski all the resorts.  This is one of the best things about living in Utah.
If you have any questions about what a kid thinks about Deer Valley, please let us know in the comments below.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @PowderTwins.