Why skiing without the kids isn't so fun anymore!

By Mountain Mama Jan 6, 2016
Mountain Mama began when the kids were 2 and 3. It was a constant journey to get the crew up the mountain. These days, the kids are so much older and independent and this Mom is wishing for those days again. To all parents, don't hurry those days away!
Why skiing without the kids isn't so fun anymore!

"Mom, I'm hungry"

"Mom, I have to go to the bathroom"

"Mom, I'm cold"

"Mom, I'm tired"

For the last 6 years, I've heard these voices in my ear while skiing. For years, I wished I could just take a couple runs by myself. Now, I wish I could turn back time.

I recently had a day to myself at Alta.  I've looked forward to this for several years as Brennan is a snowboarder and Alta is ski only. With both kids now involved in ski racing and snowboard racing, I dropped them off with their teams for the day and headed out. I couldn't wait for the silence! I only needed my own snacks and gear. No extra skis, poles, mittens to carry, just my own. With the sun out and the silence as I rode up the chairlift alone....I HATED IT!!  I looked down at all these tiny little guys on the beginner slopes below me with an instructor or with their parents. I heard their giggles, saw their tiny little crashes, saw the little skis and I got a lump in my throat. I missed my little guys!

I don't want to ride the lift alone.

I don't want to eat alone.

I don't want to see the beautiful mountains and take a selfie-I hate selfies!

I want my littles back!

I've been reflecting on all the lessons we've learned along the way in my Mountain Mama adventure.

1. Outfitting kids head to toe is a challenge. As Emily says "gobbles and glubs!" Enjoy those little toes and tiny socks for soon they will not need your help.

2. When they are little, you can still save a little money on gear. Enjoy the fact that you may only ski for a few hours for the day and then get the hot cocoa.

3. That if your child tells you they will only snowboard or only ski, you figure out a way to make it happen. Enjoy the look in their eyes when they creep down the hill with the wonder and amazement of what they've accomplished for soon they will be flying down black diamonds and leave you in the dust.

4. And they write a book about teaching others to snowboard.

5. Let them dream BIG!

So while your kids can certainly fray your nerves on occasion, treasure their little expressions and giggles and capture it all on video..it goes fast. 

This from 6 years ago, don't blink...it will be you!  

If you are just getting started, January is learn to ski and snowboard month. This is for all those out there who want to take that next step.