Why Spring in Utah is the Best Season for Learning to Ski

By Tele Tony Mar 24, 2022
Spring is here. Head to the mountains because it's the best time of year to learn to shred.
Why Spring in Utah is the Best Season for Learning to Ski

Skiing and snowboarding are winter sports. I get that. There’s a reason they’re the showcase events of the WINTER Olympics after all. However, I’d like to register my adamant opposition to the trend of season-jumping, in which everyone trades in their boots, skis and boards for flip flops and bicycles at the first hint of sunshine and warmth. I’m on the record as being an enormous fan of the myriad virtues of spring skiing. I’d even suggest that spring’s the best, *ducks head*, time of year to hit the slopes in Utah, especially if you’re just learning to ski or snowboard.

Thanks to milder weather, longer days, outstanding snow, fewer crowds and unbeatable vibes, there’s no better time than spring start down the path to a lifelong obsession with skiing and snowboarding. Here are five great reasons spring is the ideal time for learning to shred. They’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Nicer Weather

Out with the neck warmer and in with the sunscreen because finally, Old Man Winter has loosened his icy grip on the mountain weather. With the sun higher in the sky, warmer temps abound, and that’s great news for learning to ski and ride. Without having to focus all your energy on staying warm, it’ll be easier to master the essential tips and techniques. You'll have more luck feeling that big toe, little toe edge pressure when you can actually feel your toes and it’s easier to stay out for extra laps when you don’t have to duck into the lodge to warm up.    

Great Snow


Cold, mid-winter powder may get all the accolades, but spring snow is truly the best! For one thing, the snowpack has been building up all season, meaning it’s deeper with fewer obstacles and more terrain at your disposal. Plus, you can expect soft snow regardless of how much precipitation is in the forecast because the diurnal temperature swings create spring corn, which is the next best thing to cold dry powder. If that’s not enough, frequent spring storms mean you can often ski famous Utah powder in March and April. Learning to ski and snowboard in a variety of snow conditions helps take your skills to the next level. 

Fewer People

The busiest days on the slopes are behind us once spring hits. Nonexistent lift lines, easier commutes to the mountain and fewer skiers and snowboarders to avoid on the hill when you’re learning to use the fall line to your advantage. All of this leads to more time on the slopes learning to shred and less time focusing on the logistics of getting to and around the resort. Who could complain about that?

More Daylight

Long days and late light are other awesome benefits of springtime in the mountains. You don’t need to rush and hit first chair because the conditions tend to get better as the day goes on. Enjoy a leisurely start with some extra rest in the morning so you can work on dialing in your technique all the way through last chair.

Best Vibes


Mountain vibes peak every spring. There are costume parties on the hill—sanctioned and otherwise—cookouts in the parking lots, pond skims, outdoor concerts at the base areas and a lively après scene that doesn’t require huddling tightly around a fire pit for warmth. All that ski-adjacent fun is an added benefit to learning to ski or snowboard in the spring, which makes it even easier to find the motivation to play on the snow as the weather warms up.

Spring in Utah really is the best time to learn to ski or snowboard. You can even usually find spring deals for lodging, tickets and lessons to save some cash along the way. So, what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the mountain this spring!