Your Utah Ski Vacation Planning Guide

By Travel Tips and Deals Nov 27, 2014
Planning a ski/snowboarding vacation? This round-up of posts has the 411 you need.
Your Utah Ski Vacation Planning Guide

Over the last year, I’ve covered a variety of vacation planning topics, from how to pack to saving money. Each had a dedicated post where I offered tips, advice and links. With resorts opening this week, I figured I’d gather all of them up so that you can plan a trip to ski the Greatest Snow on Earth®. Below are links to six of my top planning posts.

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Planning For Powder – How can you book a Utah ski vacation with the best chance of hitting a powder day? While there is no way to guarantee a good snow dump during your stay, you can at least raise your chances by booking at the right time of year.

The Art of the Quick Ski Escape - When you can only have a few days to escape the grind of everyday life every minute counts. I don’t know about you, but on those trips I look for ways to play, not commute. This post gives you some tips for catching turns over a long weekend.

18 Ways to Save on a Utah Ski Vacation - Utah powder feels great no matter how much money you spend to get on the slopes. Most of us have a limit to how much we can spend on a ski vacation. Saving a few bucks could mean a lot and may even provide an opportunity to spend another few extra days playing in the fluffy stuff. Here are a few ideas to save on your trip.

Ski Clothing Rental: Get Outfitted Review - Ski clothes are expensive. If you are new to the sport, or if the last time you bought a pair of ski pants and coat was the 1980s, dressing yourself could really ratchet up the cost of your vacation. Additionally, if you are maxed out on luggage space, the baggage fees could get spendy. But what if you could rent clothes instead of buying? It turns out that’s an option.

Get Outfitted Gear Rental

Ski School: Learning in the Greatest Snow on Earth® - Booking destination ski lessons can be intimidating. I did it from Florida and had no idea what to expect or even wear. Yet, after writing about my experience, I was determined to prove that it was possible to learn snow sports…even on vacation.

Packing for a Ski/Snowboarding Vacation - Packing for a ski trip can be a challenge. Most of the clothes are bulky, and traveling with gear can be a hassle. Clothes make a difference between enjoying your trip and being miserable. Here’s a guide to what to pack, including a packing list you can use.

Snow Travelista on the Slopes