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Brian Brechwald

Brian Brechwald

Age:  48
Hometown: Park City, UT
Ski Preference: Alpine Touring occasional Telemark
Power Snack of choice: Black Licorice
Unique: I suffer from a rare condition called Powder Fever, resulting in an elevated heart-rate and emotional euphoria.

Bio: The Wasatch mountains are alive in the winter and for two decades I have been drawn to the range's backcountry, both recreationally and professionally. As a an avalanche educator and professional mountain guide. I have gained an appreciation for the dynamic nature of our topography and ecosystem. I feel privileged to work in the mountains, and to be able to share and experience that passion with my wife and son.

Chris Peters

Chris Peters

Age:  43
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Ski Preference: Telemark + Alpine
Power Snack of choice: Snickers
Unique: The amount of food I can put away considering my small frame.

Bio: If you work outdoors, Utah offers some of the best scenery, skiing, biking and any other mountain sport you can think of. The backcountry is a the perfect place to enjoy all that the Wasatch has to offer & provides endless challenges.

Calvin Hebert

Guide - Calvin Hebert

Age:  50
Ski Preference: Alpine
Power Snack of choice: crusty bread & good cheese
Unique: Snowmobiles more than he drives.

Bio: A carpenter by trade, a guide in the Tetons in summers & a guide in the Wasatch in the winters.

Jay Burke

Guide - Jay Burke

Age: 53 (Holy sh%#, no way!)
Hometown: Wendell, Idaho
Ski Preference: Not Telemark
Power Snack of choice: Dots
Unique: I burped the ABC's to win the talent contest at my first Boy Scout Camp!

Bio: When I'm not skiing, or riding a bike, or hanging out with my family somewhere insanely cool, you can find me riding my office chair. I like marking, branding and communications, especially strategizing for start-up companies! I own a small brand communications firm called Snow Chicken that is based out of Park City, UT. I'm also the Race Director of the Park City Point 2 Point Endurance Mountain Bike Race, if you think you're really tuff come try it,

Matt Meinhold

Guide - Matt Meinhold

Age: 51
Hometown: Amherst, New Hampshire
Ski Preference: Recovering Telemark addict
Power Snack of choice: Sausage, egg and cheese bites
Unique: I have to snowmobile to my house in the winter.

Bio: Currently a Captain / Paramedic with Park City Fire, with previous experience as a helicopter ski guide in Alaska, and a snowcat ski guide here in Utah. When he's not building frames for his talented, artist wife, you'll find him out climbing, biking and skiing in the magnificent mountains of Utah.

Mikell Bova

Guide - Mikell Bova

Age: 36
Hometown: Park City, UT
Ski Preference: The red ones
Power Snack of choice: Pizza
Unique: Used to count birds for a living

Bio: A veteran of the ski industry for the better part of 15 years, I've worn a few ski hats and chased a couple of storms. Whether on skis, foot or bike, I find that the outdoors are often best enjoyed with your family and friends.

Luke Ratto

Program Director and Guide - Luke Ratto

Age: 43
Hometown: Turlock, California
Ski Preference: The fast ones
Power Snack of choice: The PBT [peanut butter rolled up in a tortilla]
Unique: Known for unintentionally breaking gear from skis to bikes & everything in between. Tip, don't let him borrow your gear.

Bio: A family man with 2 kiddos and a full-time Ski Utah employee staying on payroll as an Interconnect guide and as the self-proclaimed "Digital Horseman" contributing to Ski Utah's marketing initiatives.

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