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Located in a historic home with a spacious outdoor patio in the scenic Heber Valley, Afterword offers inspired farm-to-table dining, an award-winning wine list, and craft cocktails.

At Afterword by tupelo Park City, we’re celebrating globally inspired food, artisanally sourced and stunningly prepared.

The Heber Valley's newest restaurant is the culmination of one chef's relentless exploration of food terroir. Young and ambitious, executive chef/owner Matt Harris learned to cook and rose to top chef in a few impressive culinary empires (Jean Georges Vongerichten, Kevin Rathbun, Pano Karatossos). He then embarked on a mission: visiting local producers across the country and around the globe: farmers to fisherfolk, ranchers to cheesemongers. He waded waters, tromped muddy fields, and wrestled with pigs like a true farmhand—all in pursuit of the very best the earth and oceans had to offer. His adventures formed the foundation for Afterword, and the rich, luminous stories underlying every dish.

Our dishes pair full-bodied, flavorful ingredients in unexpected ways. Each is a testament to prized local fare and the small-batch producers who grow, distill, or raise it. We reach far and wide to compile carefully cultivated and startlingly luscious foods on your plate. And we enjoy the hell out of doing it.

With notes of global influence—chargrilled Chilean octopus, Thai pickled tomato Nam Prik—in dishes that are decidedly American, Afterword celebrates what we love most about food: its ability to tell a perpetual story.

Kick back and join us in our own journey—and learn, connect, and indulge.

Afterword Restaurant

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(435) 615-7700
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