Brian Head Tubing

Tubing is another exciting way to experience winter at Brian Head Resort. It’s like sledding only safer, more fun, and you don’t have to hike back up the hill!

Tubing is the perfect group or family activity. Brian Head Resort's tubing parks are located near the Giant Steps Lodge and at the Navajo Lodge and Learning Center.

Tubing is sold in hour and a half sessions. We strongly recommend making a reservation to ensure a spot at your preferred time. Tubing is open every day at the Giant Steps tubing park, and at both tubing parks during weekends and peak periods.

Things Every Tuber Should Know:

  • Tubing is an outdoor winter activity. Be sure to dress warm and have appropriate footwear for walking in the snow.
  • Children must ride in their own tube.
  • Each tuber needs to sign a release form.
  • Tubing Rules & Information.

Brian Head Tubing

Phone Number:
(435) 677-2035


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Brian Head Tubing

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