Cardiff Snowcraft

Cardiff Snowcraft


Phone Number (385) 240-2733
At Cardiff Snowcraft, we distill decades of experience in snowboarding, design, engineering, and construction into purpose-built boards that tour and ride like no other out there.

Cardiff Snowcraft started because an architect-snowboarder imagined better splitboard equipment for his home zone, the deep cirque of Cardiff Fork in the Wasatch Mountains.

His passion led to sketches, sketches grew into digital models, digital models became tangible prototypes, prototypes led to innovation.  Innovation is what we now ride. Independent thinking, creative problem-solving and unparalleled performance is found in each of our splitboards and snowboards.

For us, going uphill is just as important as the ride down. All of our boards are designed and tested first as a split. We theorized that if we could design equipment that maximized performance on the skin track, then we could adjust the shape of the board to optimize riding performance characteristics.

To achieve the highest level of performance we innovate from the core  out. We recognize that splitboards ride in different conditions than  solid snowboards 80-90% of the time. As a result we adapt our constructions not only to create lighter gear but also maximize performance in the various conditions.

If you’re wandering the mountains looking for snow we invite you to come Stand in High Places with Cardiff Snowcraft.