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Daleboot Custom Ski Boots manufactures boots for each individual's feet. We produce boots for any ability level from beginner to Olympic athletes. Your feet don't have to hurt to ski great.

Our history is long, filled with innovation and passion; it's that very passion that separates us from the many other manufacturers out there. DaleBoot's innovation has been driven by this passion to solve the very real problems people experience while skiing. While other manufacturers focus on pumping out volume, our focus is on the skier; improving your performance, fit and comfort.

We manufacturer all our boots In Salt Lake City, UT and have partners throughout the world. We provide free adjustments for the life of your boots, and all parts are replaceable. We also provide stance alignment and canting with every new boot purchase.

Daleboot Ski Boots

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take the bus

Taking the ski bus to Utah’s resorts is the relaxing, affordable and sustainable way to enjoy your mountain commute.
The closest bus stop is located at 3300 S @ 3045 E Stop ID: 138154.