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DDM (Deseret Digital Media) is a great medium to help companies both large and small, promote their products and reach a large, diverse audience both locally in Utah and globally.

Mission: Deseret Digital Media strives to provide the users of our sites with quality news content, a market place, and other services that can help communities in Utah and across the globe.

Advertising: The team of experts and our trusting brands in the market, help our advertising partners use a platform to reach their target audiences and brand their products across more than 9 million users.

At DDM, we work hard to ensure that advertisers reach their target customers and prospects through engagement with a trusted marketplace, news content, and a safe online platform. To advertise on and, reach out to Nico Virgi of the board and he would be more than happy to help.

Deseret Digital Media

Phone Number:
(801) 896-7993
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