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flaik is a software development company that has spent the last 15 years making ski schools simpler and smarter. We care about people and the planet & strive to make a difference.

We’re a full time specialist making ski school management simpler, smarter, better. We’re a product company, meaning we focus on delivering outcomes and benefits rather than shiny features which don’t help our customers.

We believe in being the one stop shop for ski schools which means delivering tools that enable instructors, managers and directors to spend more time their guests.

We’ve been in the industry since 2008 and work with some of the best ski schools in North America. We are active sponsors of the Mountain Tech Symposium and NSAA (National Ski Areas or America) conferences as we believe in supporting the environment and communities which make our business a reality.

Working with flaik means SIMPLER tools driving SMARTER decisions to build BETTER ski schools - powered by an engine that has the PEOPLE we work with, the PLACES we play, and the PLANET we stand on at its core.

Within the last year we have committed our time and energy to building out our sustainability services platform to develop resources for ski resorts to spend more time and resources committing to climate action and emission reduction plans.

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